“Dima Gorelik 3O”

Dima Gorelik – guitar, percussions, vocals

Franciszek Pospieszalski – double bass

Shachar Elnatan/Peter Somos – drums






Dima Gorelik – Solo


Dima Gorelik – acoustic guitar, vocals, percussions


Nadishana – Gorelik Duo


Nadishana: duclar, hulusi, futujara, water udu, bansuri, hybrid kaval, irish flute, kalyuka, tsaaj nplaim, jaw harp.
Dima Gorelik: ac., guitar, vocal

Special Guests:
David Kuckhermann: garrahand, udu, riq, djembe
Raphael De Cock: vocal, khoomei, kargyraa, sygyt, uilleann pipes

Vladiswar Nadishana is a musical innovator, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist of
more than 300 instruments, a creator of innovative world instruments and techniques of
playing. He uses a creative approach to improvisation, sound, rhythm and harmony. He uses
the sound of the whole world in his musical imagination. His music tells stories. His sound is
innovative and ancient at the same time. The possibilities of Nadishana of overdubbing one
person, playing many instruments are revolutionary.

Noam Elron Group

Noam Elron: double bass, composer

Dima Gorelik: guitar

Hadar Noiberg: flute

Noam Landsman: drums, percussions

Yohai Cohen: frame drums

“Fluctuation” is the debut of double-bass player and composer Noam Elron as band-leader. After many years as a sideman and arranger, and a few projects for film and theatre, Elron has put together a tight outfit of some of Israel’s most impressive young Jazz talent, and together they serve a helping of Elron’s compositions and one piece by Piazzolla.



Joachim Mencel, Brad Terry, Dima Gorelik and Maciej Adamciak

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