Dima Gorelik – Displaced Guitarist

From a very young age I paid attention to many conditions that people apply to themselves.
Music is the only way for me to stay myself. But I saw that even musicians are conditioned.

I don’t try to create any particular sort of music. In my life I have played with many people
from different places and cultures. I’m not a part of any of those cultures.

I’m a Displaced Guitarist, and those are my initials – DG. I play Displaced Music. Or D i M u
s i c.

What is D i M u s i c? It’s not a style. It’s just a communication. DiMAGInation. Or D i
m y on (in Hebrew). This happens without words, beliefs and crude passion to make some
particular style. With attention and respect to a silence around every sound. I play
attention, give respect and try to study. I’m inspired and impressed by my friends, who I play

Thank you!


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